About Wild Brand Creative

Get a little background on what is means to build a wild brand
and how WBC can help grow your practice. 

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The Wild Brand Creative Story

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My name is Janda and I’m a brand strategist, copywriter, designer, wife and mom. (I also like flamingos, if you couldn't tell already.) 


I worked as the marketing director of a medical practice for nearly 7 years and have seen first hand that modern healthcare is broken. What many patients need is to change their lifestyle, not get another pill. But clinic protocol and insurance demands have most practitioners hemmed in. 


And then take a look at the standard clinical work environments.


They don’t support the flexibility that working moms need to be both present with their children and in a position to earn a healthy income. And mom guilt is HARD - I know first hand. 


After living through the pandemic, I saw not only a better way to work but also the audience that I wanted to help serve - those nurse practitioners and physicians who were brave enough to go out on their own and practice real, common sense medicine that truly impacts lives. 


I’m on a mission to help you build a brand that allows more people to find you, connect with you, and choose you. 

I talk a lot about going wild.


What does that mean? It means being your authentic self in your business and marketing, and playing off of that to attract your ‘flock’.


It doesn't have to mean you put on a loud persona. If you’re not a peacock, don’t try to be one. If you’re a horse, be a horse - but know who you are, what you offer to patients, and how that benefits them - then put that on your website, ads, brochures, social media, everywhere you show up.


This is YOUR practice. How do you want it to run? Who do YOU want to help?


You are not bound to a large healthcare system in your own business - you are your own boss. So you get to offer the services you want to offer, to whomever you want to offer them to.


You get to live in the wild. Whatever that wild is. But with that freedom comes lots of work. You don't have to figure it all out on your own. Let me help you figure out your unique value proposition, mission statement, and more in your brand messaging. 

I love helping innovative healthcare providers take their DIY websites and marketing to the next level, gaining clarity and showing up consistently.


The more you do that, the more patients will be able to find you, connect you, and choose you. The more patients you help, the more you live out your mission every single day. 

I would love to help YOU go wild! 

Let's chat.