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How do you build a practice that has patients flocking to your front door? 

By creating authentic brand messaging that shows your unique value  + connects with patients. 

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Modern healthcare is broken.

It's all about running patients in and out like cattle and following a long list of rules rather than promoting individualized treatment plans. Pushing more pills instead of getting back to the basics of lifestyle changes.


But some providers are breaking the mold.


Are you one of them?


Have you traded in 15 hour shifts for a practice run on your terms? Are you using your knowledge to teach courses or run programs that help people adopt healthier lifestyles?


You have the clinical skills but are looking for a way to take your brand and marketing to the next level. 


You're in the right place.  
Doctor's Office
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Hi, I'm Janda (like panda with a J.)

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You took a leap to go out on your own and build your practice your way. 


You wanted more time freedom so you can do something you're good at but not spend every waking moment under fluorescent lights. So you can pick up your kiddos from school or take a long weekend every now and then.  

You're applying all those years of training to helping people and running your own business.

But they didn’t teach you marketing, branding or copywriting  in med school…


That's ok - it's my specialty and my passion. 


I’m on a mission to help you build a brand that allows more people to find you, connect with you, and choose you. It all starts with discovering what makes you unique - finding your flamingo. 

I help boutique physicians + NPs find their authentic (wild) brand so they can stand out online and ultimately help more people.

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Most corporate branding principles teach you to blend in or at least not get too loud - but I say flaunt those feathers.


You can show up as your authentic self and be taken seriously as a healthcare provider - its all in the branding and messaging.


When you create a brand that sets you apart and clearly and consistently communicate that, your flock will find you.


Patients will find you. 

See what wild can do for you.

What does it mean to go wild?
So glad you asked! 


Tropical Leaves

Let's Go Wild! Here's how >>>



Wild Brand Getaway

Brand Messaging Workshop

Find your flamingo and nail your brand message with the Wild Brand Getaway.

We'll explore what makes you stand out and how we can showcase that. You'll leave with your Wild Brand Travel Guide that will help you stay clear and consistent across all of your marketing channels. 



Website Copy Excursion 

Brand Messaging + Website Copy

Make your website stand out with strategic, clear copy that draws people in. We'll start with a Wild Brand Getaway to nail your brand message then I'll write your home, about, services, and contact pages. Includes SEO title tags and meta descriptions. 




All-Inclusive Resort

Brand Messaging +
Website Copy + Design

Go all in with Wild Brand Messaging, website copy and website design. We'll work together find the look and feel that complements your new messaging and website copy. I'lI build a Showit or Wix website including home, about, services, and contact page to show off the new 'wilder' you.


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